Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PYT located? PYT is located on the first floor of the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA. Our address is 25 W. Third Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015.

Does PYT have multiple locations? No, we currently only have one site in Bethlehem. 

When do PYT’s 2023-2024 Season classes start? Our Season begins on September 11th, 2023. 

How long is PYT’s Season? Our Season goes from September until early June. But classes have different end times depending on which division you registered for. 

  • Drama Division: 26 Weeks
  • Drama Division Senior Conservatory: 28 Weeks
  • Dance Division: 33 Weeks
  • Voice Division: 26 Weeks

How often do classes occur? Classes are held once a week. Please refer to our brochure for specific days and times.

How do I register for classes/camps? Please fill out the appropriate Google Registration Form on our website’s sidebar. 

How do I change my registration? If you would like to add classes/camps to your registration, please complete the Google Registration Form again and select the classes/camps you would like to add.

If you are dropping a class/camp, please email office@123pyt.org so that we have your drop in writing. We will then update your registration form in our system.

I registered for Voice Lessons. How do I schedule them? PYT offers voice lessons in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 1-hour increments. We do our best to accommodate your schedule, but spots are limited and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please call (610-332-1400) or email (office@123pyt.org) to schedule lessons. 

I’m unsure of my child/student’s schedule for now. Can I register later in the Season? Yes, PYT has a rolling registration. We understand if you are unable to register until after the school year begins. We do not accept more registrations for the season-long classes after January, as classes will start preparing for their end-of-year performances.

Why do I have to fill out the Student Information Form after I register? The Student Information Form contains all relevant medical and emergency contact information about your child. It also contains necessary forms related to safety, Covid-19, policies, and procedures that parents/guardians need to sign and review.

I already filled out the Student Information Form from previous years. Why do I need to sign it again? PYT requires that parents/guardians fill out the form per Season/Summer session. Our forms are updated every year, and we need to make sure all relevant forms are signed and current. 

How much do classes/camps cost? Please refer to our tuition breakdown to determine specific pricing for each class/camp. You can also call the office at 610-332-1400 to inquire about the cost. We will also send you an invoice via your primary email address. This invoice will break down all of the payments for classes/camps.

What does Pay in Full or Pay with Authopayments mean? These are our payment options for camps/classes.

The Pay in Full option for classes/camps means the parent/guardian providing payment information will pay for all classes/camps upon registration, including all applicable fees. 

The Autopayments options for classes/camps mean that the parent/guardian providing payment information will not pay for tuition all at once. We offer different payment plans for summer camps and season classes. 

  • Summer camps: we will charge your card/deposit your check three weeks before the start date of the camp/s you have chosen
  • Season classes: there are 8 payments throughout the year. Your tuition will be broken up between these dates. Please refer to the Payment Authorization Form to see these dates. 

Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes, we require a deposit for our camps/classes. This ensures that your spot is reserved in the camp/class and that we have an accurate count of the number of students attending. Deposits are NOT an additional fee. They come out of the total tuition cost. 

How much is the deposit? We have different deposit amounts for our summer camps and our season classes.

  • Summer deposits: We require a $25 deposit for each week students will be attending camp. This means that if they are attending a 2-week production camp, you are required to pay $25 for each week of the camp.
  • Season deposits: We require a $50 deposit for each division students enroll in. For example, if they enroll in the dance and drama division, that would come to a $100 deposit.

Deposits are NOT an additional fee added to your total tuition. They are taken out of the tuition cost and go towards the season/summer total.

What is the $50 New Student Fee, and do I have to pay it? The New Student Fee is a $50 fee that we charge brand-new students who have never taken part in our Summer/Season programs. If your child has never taken a class/camp with PYT before, you will be responsible for paying the $50 New Student fee (it will be added to your tuition total). If your child has already taken a PYT class/camp before, you will not be charged the fee. 

How do I pay for classes/camps? You can pay via credit card, cash, or check. PYT accepts American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover cards.

Can I pay with Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal, Etc.? PYT does not accept these forms of payment. We accept credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover), cash, and check payments.

How do I pay with a credit card? If you are paying via card, please fill out our Payment Authorization Form and return it to the office, or call 610-332-1400 to pay over the phone.

How do I pay with a check? Families can either Pay in Full or via Autopayments. If you wish to do autopayments by check, we require post-dated checks to be processed in the order of payment due dates. You can either mail the check/s to us or bring them to the office.

If you are paying via  check and are mailing it, please address it to:

Pennsylvania Youth Theatre 

25th W. 3rd St. Bethlehem, PA 18015

How do I pay with cash? Payments should be made in person at the PYT office if you wish to pay with cash. Please ensure you receive a cash receipt signed by a PYT employee.

I selected charge my card on file on my registration form, but there was nowhere to enter my credit card details in the registration form.  PYT uses Google Forms to collect responses. But it is against Google policy to ask for credit details in Forms. The “charge my card on file” option is for recurring PYT students who have previously taken classes with us. If you are new to PYT, please call the office at 610-332-1400 to pay over the phone, or feel free to fill out our PYT Payment Authorization Form and return it to the office.


Does PYT have any discounts for camps/classes? Yes, PYT has different discounts for summer camps and Season classes.

Summer Camps: We offer camp discounts for Adventure camp students enrolling in multiple weeks. To qualify for the discount, students have to be enrolled in more than one camp, and the camps have to be either half-day or full-day. If your child is signed up for one half-day camp and one full-day camp, they do not qualify for the discounted tuition.

Season Classes: If your child is enrolled in multiple PYT divisions (ex. Dance and Drama), they will receive a 5% discount on their tuition. We also offer students a 5% discount on tuition if classes are Paid in Full before September 11th. 

These discounts CAN NOT be combined.

Do you offer veteran discounts? PYT does not offer a discount for veterans.

Do you offer a discount if I register multiple students? PYT does not have a sibling or multiple registration discount.

What do I do if my child/student is going to be absent from class? Please call (610-332-1400) or email (office@123pyt.org) to inform us of the absence. We need to notify the instructors if multiple students will be missing from class so that they can adjust the lesson.

What do I do if my child/student is going to miss multiple weeks of class? Please call (610-332-1400) or email (office@123pyt.org) to inform us of the absence. Students may fall behind in classes if they miss multiple weeks, so please tell the office ahead of time. If students miss too much of class, they may be unable to participate in end-of-the-year performances.

Does PYT offer scholarships? Yes! PYT offers need-based scholarships for our Summer Camps and our Season long classes. If you are interested, fill out the Scholarship Application and email it to office@123pyt.org. Please read the form carefully before submitting it to ensure you have included all necessary information.

When are auditions? Audition days and times will be specified once the sign-ups go live. For our Mainstage productions, they usually take place at the end of the third month prior to performance dates. (Ex: for A Christmas Story, performances are December 1st-10th, so auditions will most likely happen around the last week/weekend of September).
How do I sign up for auditions? We will send an email out to every PYT student linking a Google signup for auditions once they go live. We will also post a QR code around the PYT hallways that will link students and parents to the audition sign-up form. 
How long after auditions will we know the final cast list? After callbacks, casting will take about a week to finalize.
What should we expect the rehearsal schedule to be like? Mainstage production rehearsals will typically have three rehearsals during the week (from about 5:45/6 pm-8/9 pm) and sometimes two rehearsals on the weekends (usually 11 am-3:30/4 pm).
How do I specify my child’s prior conflicts? There will be a section on the audition signup sheet to specify your child’s conflicts (with a day-to-day breakdown). Once the casting has been completed, another final Google sheet will be sent out for people to submit any last-minute conflicts. No conflicts will be accepted for tech, dress, or final show days this year. 
What are dark days on the rehearsal schedule? These are days that we DO NOT have rehearsal.
How will I know if my child is called for rehearsal? We will specify which characters are called on the rehearsal schedule (the updated schedule will be sent out on a weekly basis).
Can I stay and wait for my child to finish rehearsal? Yes, you can wait for your child during rehearsal in The Banana Factory.
Where do I pick my child up after rehearsal? Parents can either come into The Banana Factory to pick their child up (required for children under the age of 7), or they can wait in their cars in the lot. The production manager or stage manager will be at the doors to coordinate dismissal and ensure the kids get safely to their cars.