Voice Division

Voice Division: Inspiring Passion.

Ages 9+

Whether singing or acting, the Voice is the actor’s tool that needs as much training as the Body and the Imagination.  PYT is happy to offer affordable Voice lessons to our students, ages 9-18.  Students will work on how the singing voice is produced, learn breathing techniques, and also how to create tone through a series of practical exercises.  Source material includes the classical repertoire, as well as Broadway scores.

Tuition includes 26 lessons that are each 30 or 45 minutes in length with one of PYT’s highly qualified instructors. Hour lessons need voice instructor approval.

Private Voice lessons (30 or 45 minutes)

For the individual student interested in developing vocal technique or continuing to hone their vocal craft.

Private Voice Lessons with piano component* (60 minutes)

Piano lessons will complement a private voice lessons by enhancing music reading skills with education in rhythm, music theory, piano technique and quality piano literature!

*Please note: Piano ONLY lessons are NOT being offered. They are only an added component to your private voice instruction.

Private Vocal Coaching

Available by appointment only. These coaching are perfect for students auditioning for colleges, musicals, or just want to learn how to “act a song.”