PYTap Co

Junior PYTap and PYTap Companies

PYTap Company is for the serious tap student looking to take their skills to the next level! Working on original pieces of choreography, as well as choreography handed down by tap masters PYTap Co. members will celebrate tap’s rich history as an American art form. Dancers will have the opportunity to work on tap technique and choreography separate from their class time. They perform locally and participate in The Tap Ties National Tap Dance Day Showcase. Dancers must be enrolled in at least 1 tap class and have 1 year of tap. Ballet and Jazz classes are strongly encouraged. By audition only.

Junior PYTap Company (Ages 12+)

Not offered this 2023-2024 Season

PYTap Company (Ages 13-18) (1 Hour)

Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:30 PM