Intensive Workshop Series

Expand your skills in the performing arts AND explore new avenues of performance throughout the season! These workshops are developed and taught by a professional in the field and are designed to offer a hands-on, comprehensive experience. Registration is open to PYT students and non-PYT students.

Weekend workshops will be offered periodically in the Fall and Spring. (Dates and Times TBD). Be sure to indicate on your registration form your interest in this series. Information regarding specific workshop schedules will be sent to you.

Rate: Will vary by length of workshop.

Stand-Up Comedy (Grades 8-12)

Come develop your personal style as a stand-up comedian as we focus on developing material, stage presence and delivery. This workshop series will serve as an introduction to the world of stand-up comedy. You don’t have to decide to pursue comedy as a career before taking this workshop. You just have to decide that you’d like to give it a try! For some of you, this will be an exercise in facing your fears. For others, this might be the spark that lights a fire that continues for the rest of your life! A Guest Artist will give you writing exercises that will challenge you, and you will use your own life experiences to come up with material.

On-Camera Acting (Grades 3–12)

Perfect for the student who is looking to gain experience in front of the camera, this workshop is a wonderful introduction to on-camera work! Students will begin exploring the nuances of performance as they work on commercial copy and a full page scene from a movie or television show. By the end of this workshop, expect to walk away with a plethora of information, including a list of contacts (agents and acting coaches) and much, much more!

Audition for Success! (Grades 3-12)

Learn to approach auditions like a pro! This workshop is designed to help students feel more comfortable in an audition situation. Students will learn the tricks of the trade, from headshots and resumes to choosing appropriate audition material, as well as improving cold reading skills and developing a dynamic monologue presentation.

Musical Theatre: Audition Technique (Grades 3-12)

This workshop prepares you for a successful and confident musical theatre audition. Students learn to choose strong audition selections that showcase their assets and potential. The objective is to offer a space for students to practice and perfect their audition skills. The workshop will conclude with a mock audition for a specific show (for example The Wizard of Oz), in which students are to prepare a 16-bar cut from a song of their choice. Immediate feedback is given by the instructor and other participating students, and even a guest director! Accompanist provided.

The Changing Male Voice (Grades 6 and up)

This workshop will prepare young men on successful ways to continue vocal study during the transitional years. Topics will include vocal anatomy, technique and healthy vocal exercises to help encourage vocal development. In this master class setting, students will be able to listen to an unchanged male voice, a voice during transition, and a fully developed voice.

Vocal Technique for Non-Voice Students at PYT

This workshop is geared for PYT students not enrolled in the Voice Program. Miss Corinne and Mr. Phil will expose students to the joy of music and singing in this group voice class setting. Students will learn vocal exercises and proper breath control to promote healthy singing for all musical genres. Education in basic music notation and sight-singing skills will be included. Students will also have the opportunity to sing a short solo selection in front of the group!